Friday, October 21, 2005

The Doggerel of Love

Water without motion
Has no meaning;
Human without emotions
Has no being.

Love gets reflected in sweet emotions;
And, becomes the symphony of life
In turn, the respondent gives healing touch of compassion,
Placing you on a pedestal to thrive.

Togetherness unfolds pleasure trove.
Singleness questions: Why to survive?
Love and to be loved make you move,
Confluence of bodies, then to souls, is love sublime.

Fountain mingles river; river confluences with ocean,
Soul permeates the body,
So on and so forth.
Why to live alone?
Someone’s bosom heaves for you on the earth

Sunlight kisses the verdant earth;
Moonbeam lights up the placid lake;
If your love don’t caress someone’s heart,
Why to live alone that looks so fake.

Wind gently strokes the serene sea;
Clouds cuddle in one another’s embrace;
Nectar of flowers is slurped by the bee;
Place your amorous mark on chosen cherubic face.

Choicest creation of the Supreme divine
Why do you sublimate the burning desire?
Let rock to the rhythm divine,
Only the heavy downpour pacifies the fire.

Must give your life a meaning,
If you are born human being.