Thursday, June 09, 2005

The dirge of mortals

We are plain mortals doomed to be dead
Mortals are forgotten for immortals,
Who keep immortals alive to be cherished by Generation Next
We, the mortals who remember immortals.

Immortality thrives on mortality
Frailties of mortals make you stand apart
Captivated, inspired, enthralled by the lotus’ beauty,
It is the mud, dirt and mirth; adds juice to its birth
Truth prevails at the expense of lies
If there is no black (wrong), how to validate the white (right)

We die unsung to let your fame fly.
We, dwarf, giving every meaning to your height.
Never forget the simple reality
You blossom and bloom out of us.
Immortality piggybacks on mortality
Don’t mitigate our dearth with any fuss

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