Monday, September 05, 2005

Stress Relieving

Stress is a scourge of modern times.
Present in the lives of all and sundry
Affecting people regardless of their stages in life.
All striving hard to get relieved of it, putting life in quandary

Stress is of various kinds-physical, emotional and intellectual;
Modern gizmos actually increasing working habits,
Making extra stress at physical level
Emotional stress disharmonizes human relationships.
Raking moolah become the avowed principle of world material,
Putting stress on philosophical and intellectual bearing.

Within the very letters can be found the answer to STRESS:
S stands for strength: physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.
Strength – givers like love, compassion and friendship keep you afresh
Spirituality enhances the inner strength, makes our life peaceful
T stands for thoughts control that help regulate our thoughts, needless and trash

R is for re- design, a readjustment or reorientation in our philosophy,
Forbids us to see the world around with preconceived notion
That enhances our capacity to bear stress without much difficulty.
E stands for erase’ the ego, anger, fear and jealousy are negative emotions,
Leading to mental weakness, causing stress that reduces efficiency.
S is for sharing: share your wealth, knowledge, workload and apprehension
S stands for submit yourself to God, free your mind from the weight of anxieties,
The Almighty will get you free from stress and provide you with peace and relaxation.

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